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Why does the humpback whale migrate?

A Norwegian all-you-can-eat herring feast in the fall and winter, followed by a spring break party in the Caribbean... What a life! Maybe that's why humpback whales keep commuting back and forth between the two extremes.

Meet ‘Mojn’, the ten million-year-old Danish whale

Scientists publish first scientific description of a ten-million-year-old fossil of a beaked whale discovered in Denmark.

Loss of large animals has reduced global circulation of vital nutrients

Decline of large animals such as whales, sea birds, and salmon has led to a loss of 94 per cent of the transportation of nutrients on the planet.

Tracking the migrations of humpback whales

The migrations of humpback whales from Arctic waters are much more complicated than previously believed. These whales have now been spotted in a myriad of places.

The importance of sound for bowhead whales

Whales can have a tough time in the Arctic. Pollution, shipping traffic and offshore development can all pose problems in different ways. Researchers believe that also sound can have an impact.

The ice retreats – whale food returns

This is good news for the bowhead whales in the waters around Svalbard, which almost became extinct in the 19th century. It could also put the Euopean whalers in the clear.

Researchers take tourism to a higher level

When research hooks up with the travel business, tourists can expect much more meaningful experiences. This is seen in research on whale safari tourism.

Sperm whale language under scrutiny

A new project aims to decode the sperm whale’s communication system using the latest animal-borne acoustic technology.

Eat whales – and perhaps get Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease is twice as prevalent on the Faroe Islands as in Norway. The reason might be the consumption of a particular kind of whale meat.

Whale bones found in highway were not from mystery whale

The remnants of a whale found in Sweden in 2009 are 13,000 years old and experts initially thought they were from a legendary whale species. But a DNA analysis punctured that hope.