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weight loss

Evidence is slim for Coffee Slender’s claims

The research results don’t back up the product’s marketing promises of rapid weight loss just by switching your brand of coffee.

Nordic fare slims you as well as a Stone Age diet

Official Nordic dietary recommendations help elderly, overweight women to lose weight just as well as if they were on Palaeolithic diets.

Why it’s so hard to stay slim

Many manage to shed kilos but few are able to keep their weight down at the new level. There are good reasons why.

Old and undernourished – a persistent problem

Norwegian health workers lack the time and knowledge needed to tackle geriatric malnutrition. Researchers want to know why the country continues to be plagued by weight loss in the elderly.

Low-carb diets hold sway short-term

Cutting sugar and adding fat to our daily diets is more effective for losing weight short-term than maintaining a low-fat diet.