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Kids with rich grandparents do better in school

Having rich grandparents can clearly make a child’s life materially easier. But now it appears that wealth may also affect a child’s grades in school.

Does money make us happier?

It doesn't seem to matter whether you're rich or poor: more money makes us a bit happier, we compare ourselves to our neighbours, and the things that are near and dear to us count the most.

Children can wait – for higher income

The probability of having children increases significantly once people have started their professional careers.

Why Norwegian birth rates are higher than in the rest of Europe

The Norwegian birth rate is higher than in the rest of Europe not only because they put their faith in the welfare state. They can’t imagine a good life without children.

The drivers of economic growth in Europe

Europe's economic growth is driven by poorer countries and regions that are catching up to the wealthier areas.

Professor: Norway's wealth is mostly due to luck

Norway has experienced robust growth, low unemployment and stable inflation. Professor argues that the current situation is mostly due to luck.

Super-rich rarely start from scratch

The most prosperous business tycoons in Norway have usually had well-heeled parents. Bulging pockets tend to be a bigger initial asset than visionary talent.