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How to deal with ballast water

New international requirements for treating ballast water to stop harmful hitchhikers also pose scientific challenges for the testing of disinfection technology.

Not more conflicts where rivers draw the line

Having a river as the border between two countries might seem like a recipe for conflict, with quarrels over water resources and territory. But border rivers are not troubled waters, according to new research.

The case of the vanishing pollutant

Ten years ago trout in Norway’s largest lake had the world’s highest measured levels of the environmental pollutant PBDE. Now their levels are about the same as before the sizeable discharges started in the 1990s.

Can water spoil?

A half-full bottle of water has been left in the fridge for months. Can we drink it?

Old disputes on using the Nile may soon be solved

Millions of people in need of water are unable to utilize the Nile due to old obscure agreements. Research now shows that several of the treaties are no longer valid.