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Missing link found on sharks

On any visit to a rocky seashore, you are likely to spot barnacles, unoffendingly stuck to hard surfaces. But barnacles in a fjord in Norway have become parasites that eat fish through feeding stems.

Fish choose a collision course

Flying insects steer away from objects to avoid collisions, but fish swim toward them at full speed.

Wastewater analyses reveal drug habits in European cities

The findings of the largest European wastewater analysis project to date were released today.

Acid rain still affects water quality

In recent years, acid deposition has received little attention. Nevertheless, it continues to affect surface waters and aquatic organisms throughout large areas of Europe and North America.

Fight fire with water mist

An extinguishing system based on water mist may prevent fires from spreading.

Researchers as icebreakers

Objective research serve as icebreakers and basis for dialogue between stakeholders in water conflicts.

More heavy rains in the future

Increasingly powerful cloudbursts can wreak havoc in cities. Better measurements and climate models can help urban planners protect cities from wetter, wilder weather.

Video: The Rainmakers

A secret rainmaking ritual is threatened by extinction. The anthropologists Knut Christian Myhre and Frode Storaas travel to Tanzania to document it for posterity.

Why do we brush our teeth in cold water?

We wash dishes, clothes and our bodies in warm water – yet we turn the tap to cold when it comes to our teeth. Why?

Singing water reveals itself

With a rapidly growing world population, clean drinking water has become a scarce resource. Using new technology that traces sound signals, Danish scientists hope to find groundwater in densely populated areas.