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Cyberterrorism poses limited risk

Cyberwarfare is not as simple as Hollywood would have it. A good old secret agent can do more damage than a digital attack.

Young Egyptians armed themselves for revolution

The number of volunteers has exploded in Egypt in the past few years. The new trend of voluntary work among Muslim youths in Egypt has armed them with a stronger social and political consciousness and the courage to bring about change in their country.

When aid sows the seeds of conflict

International aid can be a contributing factor to civil war and coup d’états, new findings suggest. The temptation of aid money or the destabilising effect of sudden aid cuts can increase the risk of conflict.

The soldier as sexual aggressor

Soldiers can degenerate into barbarians during times of war. A study of sexual violence committed during the Bosnian War reveals the mechanisms behind this behaviour.

Norwegian Air Force left decisions to others in Libya

Norway dropped nearly 600 bombs on Libya in 2011, but had little to do with deciding where those bombs should fall.

Norwegian guerrilla warfare in the Iron Age

At the same time the axe became a weapon of choice among Norwegian warriors, society collapsed and warfare became a free-for-all.

A more peaceful world awaits

Statistical analyses show that the world will be more peaceful in the future. In about 40 years only half as many countries will be in conflict. The decrease will be greatest in the Middle East.

War on neighbouring country to avoid insecurity

Countries go to war against their neighbours just to be on the safe side. Such interventions could be avoided if governments were more concerned with building up credibility, a new study suggests.

The power of myths

Few things are as effective as a good myth when it comes to uniting a people or building a nation.

A “lifeline” of flowers and stones

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more treatable than previously thought. A novel and creative method has shown to be remarkably effective in torture survivors.