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Vikings flaunted foreign bling

Viking women adorned themselves with what had been more everyday objects abroad. The women can be compared with today’s fashionistas.

Norway should also dig up its “car-park kings”

An estimated 25 ancient Norwegian kings are buried in unmarked graves round the country. An archaeologist and king expert thinks the most notable of these should be exhumed.

Don’t underestimate Viking women

The status of Viking women may be underestimated due to the way we interpret burial findings.

Norwegian Vikings grew hemp

Cannabis was cultivated 1,300 years ago at a farm in Southern Norway.

English is a Scandinavian language

Contrary to popular belief, the British did not just borrow words and concepts from the Vikings and their descendants. What we call English is actually a form of Scandinavian.

How Vikings killed time

The Vikings played ball, lifted stones and wrestled. Often the games turned violent and bloody, occasionally resulting in death.

Pre-Viking hotspot on the Norwegian Coast

Kings took control of coastal maritime traffic in Norway as early as the third century, long before the Viking Age. Discoveries from the ancient royal residences offer new proof.

Should we keep the Vikings’ stolen goods?

The National Museum of Denmark regularly receives objects that appear to be stolen goods from the Viking Age. Shouldn’t these objects be returned to their original owners?

How Vikings navigated the world

With no access to modern navigation instruments, Vikings relied on birds, whales, celestial bodies, chants and rhymes to navigate the seas and discover new land.

Saga professors toast with Viking ale

More than 300 of the world’s leading Norse mythology researchers met at the 15th International Saga Conference earlier this month in Denmark.