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Norwegian Vikings purchased silk from Persia

The Vikings did not only go West to pillage and plunder. Most of the silk found in the Oseberg ship may have been purchased by honest means from Persia.

Huge ancient monument found in Sweden

Archaeologists have discovered a monumental structure with high wooden poles, dated at 400-500 AD in Uppsala, Sweden.

Old Arabic texts describe dirty Vikings

Arabs who encountered Scandinavians who had journeyed eastward depicted them as handsome people but filthy and barbaric.

Dreaming of Valhalla

What does Norse mythology say about the creation of the world? Can ancient tales answer the questions of today? A new tablet application called “Dreams of Valhalla” offers everything you ever wanted to know about Norse myths and their gods and goddesses.

Dealing with the doldrums on a Viking voyage

The outline of a foot on the Gokstad Ship gives us an inkling of what it might have been like for Vikings to cross the ocean.

Vikings flaunted foreign bling

Viking women adorned themselves with what had been more everyday objects abroad. The women can be compared with today’s fashionistas.

Norway should also dig up its “car-park kings”

An estimated 25 ancient Norwegian kings are buried in unmarked graves round the country. An archaeologist and king expert thinks the most notable of these should be exhumed.

Don’t underestimate Viking women

The status of Viking women may be underestimated due to the way we interpret burial findings.

Norwegian Vikings grew hemp

Cannabis was cultivated 1,300 years ago at a farm in Southern Norway.

English is a Scandinavian language

Contrary to popular belief, the British did not just borrow words and concepts from the Vikings and their descendants. What we call English is actually a form of Scandinavian.