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How do trees know when to awake in spring?

Trees can see, feel and calculate time. Norwegian researchers have helped reveal another of trees’ tricks for surviving frigid winters.

There are now 3.04 trillion trees on earth

Scientists have calculated the total number of trees of earth: 422 for each person. And we have lost almost the same number since the dawn of human civilisation.

Life extinguishes in lonesome oaks

Hundreds of insects, lichens and fungi live in the hollow spaces of centuries-old Norwegian oaks which are the verge of disappearing.

OPINION: The Christmas tree's carbon footprint

Trees store carbon dioxide. How bad is it really to chop down a spruce tree and put it in the living room for Christmas?

Norwegian woods triple since WW2

Norway now has three times as much forest as it did before World War Two. The volume of growth this year will be the equivalent of nearly 100 sacks of firewood per Norwegian.

We'll eat trees in the future

The discovery of special enzymes may alter our diets – and the way we look at trees.

Hollow oaks are full of life

“It’s a considerable challenge for us to take better care of these trees,” says professor.

Top-class biofuel from the depths of the forest

Tops and branches from tree-felling sites are reborn in the laboratory as compact pellets. However, the energy industry will not act until the price is right.

Trees Top 10

Birch, spruce, pine, alder, rowan, aspen, willow, oak, hazel and prunus are top 10 trees in Norway - when you count them.

The oldest spruce in Northern Europe is 532 years old

Northern Europe’s oldest spruce is still growing strong in a Norwegian forest. It outdates Martin Luther and was a young tree before Columbus reached the Americas.