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How to make shipping environmentally friendly

We need to cut both global and local emissions from shipping. The picture is complex, but research is showing that there are many ways to meet this goal.

Why do Norway and Greece have radically different traffic mortality rates?

Social norms explain some of the dramatic difference.

Norwegians won’t stop flying, even though they know it’s bad for the planet

Flying is one of the last things that Norwegians want to give up. Should we require people to cut their air travel by one flight a year? One researcher says that won’t work, and that the only solution is electric airplanes.

Information cuts metro crowding

Often there might be enough room for everyone but passengers just don’t know it. So a little more information could make subway rides comfortable.

Making cycling safer for cyclists and drivers

Bicyclists, especially those who commute to work, are neither fish nor fowl: they can ride on the sidewalk, or ride in the road and take their chances with cars. How safely they ride is partly linked to how their peers see safety.

Here comes the electric fishing boat

The world’s first electrically powered fishing boat will be presented this August in Trondheim, Norway. But more time and development is needed before it can run completely without diesel.

Substantial emission cuts from cars

New passenger cars in Norway are emitting increasingly smaller amounts of greenhouse gases.

Larger logging trucks give less CO2 emissions

The forest production chain’s emissions of greenhouse gases are very low. Most of these are CO2 emissions from on-road timber transport.

Smart cars help build roads

A car manufacturer has opened the way for scientists to log data directly from the innermost systems of cars. The transport industry may have tools enabling vital decision-making at a national level.

Red figures for Oslo - Stockholm fast train

The bottom line figures flash as red as a stoplight when using a new method of calculating the profitability of a prospective high-speed rail between the Norwegian and Swedish capitals.