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traffic safety

Why do Norway and Greece have radically different traffic mortality rates?

Social norms explain some of the dramatic difference.

Electric bikes score well in head injury test

Swedish researchers have used crash-test dummies to determine whether head injuries from accidents vary according to bicycles types.

How attentive are children in traffic?

The answer is “not very” if we’re to believe the results of research trials carried out last year involving 59 children.

Safe in traffic despite impaired hearing

People with reduced hearing are not any worse at driving cars than others.

Many don’t take 40 km/h zones literally

Drivers are more likely to speed a little on stretches of road where they are supposed to drive real slow.

Risky young drivers are highly emotional

When the emotional centre in a young person's brain overrides the part that's responsible for rational decisions – you‘ve got yourself a risky driver.

Pedestrians as risky as cars for cyclists

Pedestrians are as likely as cars to cause bicycle accidents. Swedish researchers discovered the problem by mounting cameras and sensors on bikes being ridden in Gothenburg.