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Trade and industry

New light shed on the Viking Age: Scandinavia’s oldest town was built 70 years earlier than thought

The Danish town Ribe is the oldest town in Scandinavia. Now a new study suggests that Ribe may have become a town much earlier than thought.

Norwegian exports get along without too much planning

Networks, market insights and persistent owners are much more important.

Yards stay on scene by planning lean

To nudge ahead of Asian competitors, Norwegian shipyards overlap various stages – simultaneously designing vessels, acquiring materials and constructing the ships.

Big stores enhance small ones

Lower prices and more jobs. The openings of giant retail establishments, or “big-box” stores as they are often called, have a surprisingly positive effect on a local economy.

Mergers mean less power to the trade unions

International mergers reduce the influence of trade unions and lead to lower pay for employees, according to research.

Focus on local sushi ingredients

Sushi is more popular than ever. However, many of the ingredients are imported from Asia. But Norwegian researchers are now cultivating an alternative to the popular Wakame seaweed salad that doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles.

Norwegian industry complied with German war efforts

Seventy-three years ago, on 9 April 1940, Nazi Germany attacked and occupied Norway. The Germans needed aluminium to win the war. But rather than resist their German occupiers, Norwegian industry leaders chose to cooperate instead.

Time to accelerate collaboration with CERN

Basic research at CERN can have a huge impact on Norwegian firms if they seize opportunities to deliver technology. Twiddling thumbs won’t start the wheels of industry spinning.

How the heavy plough changed the world

New technology ploughed its way to prosperity in medieval Northern Europe.

Musicians still flock to traditional recording companies

Although artists can now record and sell their own music digitally, aspiring musicians still cling to the skirts of the traditional music industry.