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Tourists split on Norway’s changing landscape

Nature is reclaiming Norway’s cultural landscape, but tourists are divided on whether this is good or bad.

Cruise tourists spend less

More and more cruise ships visit the fjords of Western Norway. But cruise tourists only spend a fraction of what other tourists spend.

Nordic tower power

Tourists may find them picturesque, but Nordic capital cities, with their historic low skylines, face an economic challenge: how to attract business and accommodate population growth without ruining the skyline with ‘vertical sprawl’.

Fishing tourists release small cod

Tourists release or throw out as much as 60 percent of the coastal cod caught in Northern Norway.

Peak tourist year for northern lights

This year marks the solar maximum, the peak in the 11 year cycle of solar activity and the possibility of spectacular auroral displays. And tourists keep coming.

Trains should be more like cars

A Swedish researcher rails against hazardous luggage systems.

IT building blocks for the man in the street

Would you like to create your own tourist guide? Or put together telecom services that give you better control of the everyday functions on your phone?

How the tour guide seduces you

Tour guides use a variety of strategies to capture and retain the tourists’ attention.

Norwegian elite support immigration

The social elite in Norway are more supportive of immigration than the rest of the country’s population. The elite are also very supportive of the welfare state, but not everyone with lots of money is thrilled with the redistribution of wealth.