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Researchers’ top tips for tourists in Norway

Many tourists are unprepared when heading out on various excursions in Norway. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your trip.

Finding answers on a pilgrims’ trail

Pilgrims who follow a popular route in northwest Spain are often searching for something. Many find the same answers.

Exotic travellers are planet warmers

Nature and experienced-based tours to distant countries take us happily out of our daily routines, but they are also far from good for the environment. The tourist industry should really care about how people reach their destinations – not just how many bath towels they are using.

What makes us pay for play and pleasure?

Norwegian researcher has identified seven characteristics of brilliant experiences.

Tourists cause seabirds to abandon nests

Summer months are peak season for both bird breeding and bird watching. Noise from tourists, however, can scare the birds away from their eggs and chicks.

Researchers take tourism to a higher level

When research hooks up with the travel business, tourists can expect much more meaningful experiences. This is seen in research on whale safari tourism.

Experience economy brimming with potential

OPINION: In these days of economic uncertainty, businesses ought to make better use of recent research into the experience economy. Perhaps co-creation and individualisation can save us from the crisis, argue the editors of a new book about the latest research into the experience economy.

Tourism cannot sustain North Norway

Norwegian national planners have a tendency to tout the importance of tourism for northern Norway. But tourism does not necessarily make a local community in the North more vigorous.

Tourists feel safer after Utøya terror

The fear of terrorism has decreased amongst tourists in Norway after the terror acts on the island of Utøya on 22 July 2011.

Young physicists test skills in amusement park

Where should you sit in a roller coaster to get the wildest ride? What is the density of candyfloss? These were some of the challenges at the International Physics Olympiad 2013, which saw contestants testing their skills in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens.