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Tick-borne encephalitis-virus found in unpasteurized cow milk in Norway

A tick-borne virus that can infect humans and potentially cause a serious infection of the central nervous system has been found for the first time in milk from Norwegian dairy cows. A study of this virus in cervids may help us understand how this virus is spreading in Norway.

Another tick-borne disease to worry about

Authorities don’t know how many Norwegians have been infected with the tick-borne disease anaplasmosis.

Ticks kill sheep

Predator attacks are not the only explanation for high lamb mortality in Norway. Ticks are also on the list of suspects.

Fungus kills ticks

Ticks may be facing a dangerous fate. Researchers are hoping to determine whether fungus can kill ticks in sheep pastures. This would also benefit future hikers.

Breeding 3,000 new ticks

Rare pictures show a tiny male tick mating with an enormous female bulging with blood.