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What the Swedes learned from the terrorist attack in Stockholm

Five people were killed and ten injured when a terrorist drove a truck into the crowd in central Stockholm on 7 April 2017.

Communities recover quickly from terrorist attacks

Terror attacks can initially cause more ethnic segregation. But things return to normal after three years.

Psychological impacts of terrorist attacks transcend borders

The terrorist attack by Anders Breivik in Norway in 2011 caused a dramatic increase in trauma- and stressor-related disorders in Denmark, concludes a new study.

How science can help cities prepare for attacks on metro systems

OPINION: Whatever preparations metro authorities make for disasters, they can consider their passengers to be part of their solution. They need to design the tunnel environment for the people, not the people for the environment.

Norwegian researchers start jihad archive

Jihadists’ propaganda and glossy magazines have now been assembled on a website to facilitate research.

Has Shabaab been weakened for good?

OPINION: The answer is 'yes' and 'no', according to Norwegian researcher.

How do Islamic extremists get power in the Middle East?

Jihadism seems to be as strong as ever and looking terribly hard to beat with armed forces.

Finger on the pulse of terror

An organized terror attack will have greater impact in a country like Norway than in a country like Israel. This has been shown in a new study at the University of Bergen.

"Extremism is a research ethics minefield"

Are extremists as entitled to privacy as other people? How should researchers avoid helping them – or opening old wounds among victims and their families? Two of Norway's leading researchers in the field believe that research on extremism requires a high level of awareness of ethical issues.

Swedish police and emergency personnel feel poorly prepared for terrorist attacks

A terrorist attack is a heart-breaking tragedy, but for police, fire and emergency medical personnel, it is also a highly complex and demanding situation requiring special skills and coordination of services.