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Police escalate use of secret surveillance

Covert police operations including mobile phone surveillance and the use of confidential informants, undercover officers and infiltrators are gaining ground. But little research has been conducted to show whether these methods really work.

New app prevents phone tapping

The need for privacy is greater than ever after Edward Snowden revealed that the US is monitoring people using sophisticated software. Danish researchers have now developed an app that makes it harder to tap smartphones.

Cloud computing: How safe is your data?

Cloud computing enables users to save their data online rather than on their hard drive. This data may, however, also become available to strangers. Danish scientists are working on a solution.

You are the weakest link in IT security

Hackers often gain access to IT systems by exploiting the weakest link in IT security – the users. New social IT security system aims to weed out the human factor.

Web rebels – old wine in new bottles

Wikileaks and the hackers group Anonymous are the talk of the town: political web rebels are a new phenomenon. However, there's nothing new about their tactics.

Double standards for the internet hurt users

Western politicians praise the internet as a tool in the fight against authoritarian regimes – so why do they limit access to the web by registering users and censoring content?