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None of the herbal supplements were really as claimed

When scientist conducted DNA analyses of some dietary supplements allegedly containing St. John’s wort they found that none contained what their list of ingredients claimed.

Does omega fatty acids help brain development of premature babies?

The results from a Norwegian study show no sure long-term effects of omega-3 and omega-6 supplements.

Vitamin C supplements increase effectiveness of cancer treatment

When cancer treatment was combined with vitamin C supplements it became more effective at killing cancer cells.

Researchers who endorse miracle cures

There’s no shortage of advertisements that promise quick and easy weight loss- and that cite studies to back up their claims. How is this research done?

Evidence is slim for Coffee Slender’s claims

The research results don’t back up the product’s marketing promises of rapid weight loss just by switching your brand of coffee.

Calcium supplements can increase risk of heart attack and stroke

Taking calcium and vitamin D can help prevent broken bones in older women. However, this benefit may be cancelled out by an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Antioxidants doubled spread of cancer in mice and human cells

Scientific opinion on antioxidants shifts, as the ‘anticancer’ wonder turns out to be doing more harm than good.

Mice lose weight with oil

When laboratory mice on a fatty diet were given copepod oil as a dietary supplement, interesting things started to happen.

Creatine – the controversial muscle powder

Creatine, which is used as a body building and training supplement, builds myths as well as muscles – so what are the facts?