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Normal to feel presence of the dead

It is becoming more accepted that some people connect with the dead. The research also reflects this, according to a theologian and a psychologist.

Hallucinations or spiritual experiences?

When is a visit by your deceased uncle a spiritual experience, and when it is a mental illness? It’s not always obvious, one psychiatrist says.

Get a better life: say no

Say NO. Focus on the negative aspects. Repress your emotions. That kind of advice probably does not sound right to a lot of people, but it’s a better idea than following fanatically positive, self-help books, concludes a professor of psychology.

An historical look at meditation

Nowadays, numerous people meditate without a religious purpose, but the word "meditation" does in fact come from Christianity.

Life after death online

Modern spiritualists have adopted the internet and are organising séances via Facebook. A couple of clicks is all it takes to contact a medium.

Harry Potter is a goodie bag for the soul

The quest for spirituality is a feature of contemporary society. But we no longer believe in the one true religion. We make up our own metaphysical pick and mix. Harry Potter is just such a mix.

Fields for religious feelings

Crop circles provide one of many examples of the way religious and spiritual emotions are finding new modes of expression.

Expressing faith through hip hop and grafitti

Many people express their spirituality and faith through art. This also applies to hip hop and graffiti.