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From lethal spider toxins to eco-friendly pesticides

Biological insecticides are naturally derived pesticides that represent an environmentally friendly alternative to many of the existing pesticides used in agriculture.

How spiders make their silk

Spider silk is one of the strongest materials known, and the arachnids make it faster than greased lightning.

Targeted action for biodiversity is also needed in organic agriculture

Organic farms without targeted measures to promote biodiversity, such as the creation of species-rich habitats, only harbour marginally more species than other farms.

How spiders weave their webs

Scientists have at last figured out what goes on when spiders spin their webs.

Spiders exchange gifts for sex

Female spiders like being courted with gifts from their male counterparts. New research shows that the females store more sperm from males if they bring a gift prior to mating.

Spiders find jobs that match their personalities

When cooperative spiders select specialties in the service of their colony you might think they had consulted career advisors.

Imported plants with dangerous stowaways

A flood of non-native insects and arachnids are streaming unchecked into Norway. Some of them are classified as high ecological risks.

A northern treasure trove of exotic life

A valley in Norway is a treasure trove of rare species that have left their kin in Asia and Europe for remote Scandinavia.