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Norway’s first Red List for Ecosystems

For the first time an overall risk assessment for ecosystems has been done in Norway, using a method similar to the Red List criteria for species.

Sharing the species

Norway makes a strong contribution in international data sharing on species.

Hidden secrets in the world’s most northerly rainforests

While there are no monkeys swinging through the trees in rainforests closer to the poles, these forests are every bit as endangered as their southern cousins, and highly diverse – if you know where to look.

Tracking the cuckoo's nest

Squatting in other birds' nests and kicking out legitimate chicks might not give the cuckoo any prize for 'best house guest', but as the only brood parasite in Northern Europe it is a good indicator for the current state of affairs for several bird species.

Thwarting invaders

A new method can predict potential environmental risks from invasive species such as the Burmese python.

Quota system for preventing whaling

American researchers propose a cap-and-trade system that would enable environmentalists to pay whaling countries for each whale it refrains from killing. Norwegian experts don’t think the idea will float.