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Why the passenger pigeon died out

The passenger pigeon was once among the most numerous species on earth. The last passenger pigeon died in the Cinncinati Zoo just over 100 years ago. How did it all go so wrong?

New feathered dinosaur species found in China

Scientists discover new species of dinosaur that once roamed the Asian continent.

New fungus species discovered in Scandinavia

Scientists have discovered a fungus so tiny that it can only be seen through a magnifying glass -- but if you take the trouble to do so, an extremely beautiful organism appears.

Public helps scientists scout species

Public involvement in recording observations is growing increasingly popular round the world. Members of the general public in Norway have to date made an impressive 10.7 million registrations.

Dogs are sniffing out new species of truffles

With assistance of specially trained dogs, researchers have been truffle hunting in Norway. Their goal is to fill the knowledge gap on truffles – not their bellies.

Scanning the forest for birds

The data were intended to help foresters appraise timber. But laser scanning from an airplane makes it possible to predict where specific bird species can be found.

Tracking the impacts of alien species

A new method enables researchers and others to assess and classify the environmental impacts of alien species.

Imported plants with dangerous stowaways

A flood of non-native insects and arachnids are streaming unchecked into Norway. Some of them are classified as high ecological risks.

The evolving life of East African beetles

They are distant cousins in more ways than one, the rove beetles of East Africa’s volcanic peaks. Separated by vast distances and confined to high altitudes, they have evolved into separate species.

New world map of animal life

The new zoogeographical map of the planet is based on more than 20,000 species.