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A symphony of stars

A researcher has composed a piece of music that plays for seven consecutive years based on how gigantic antennas on the Earth rotate to find the most powerful stars in space.

Google wants you to go to the Moon

Why is Google trying to get people excited about space travel? A Q&A with Anita Heward of the Google Lunar X Prize.

New 3D camera for space missions

What are the alternatives to the cameras currently deployed on spacecrafts and space rovers? A 3D camera has many potentials.

Space radars see pirate loggers

Loggers can get away with felling single trees here and there in rain forests, you might think. Not so – they can be caught by radars in space.

Little lemmings are monitored from space

The lemmings are small rodents with a big temperament. In some years they lay waste to so much vegetation that the devastation can be seen from space.

New satellites will forecast space weather

The northern lights interfere with radio communications, GPS navigation and satellite communications. Researchers will launch 50 satellites to find out why.

Detecting oil spills with satellite

How to discern between a slick of oil pollution and harmless layer of microorganisms from an algal bloom? Bombard it with a radar from a satellite!

Flew through the aurora

A successful flight over Svalbard with the ICI-3 research rocket

Going after the aurora with rockets

Scientists are about to launch a rocket from the Svalbard archipelago in the Artic. The aim is to take readings within the aurora borealis, in order to investigate space weather and find out why GPS signals are disrupted.