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Space research

Are aliens really trying to contact us?

Probably not. But why did two Canadian researchers think they were?

Growing Norwegian weeds on international space station

A Windows update on the space station created a crisis moment for a Norwegian experiment on cultivating plants in space. followed events from NTNU’s CIRiS control room.

Danish scientist hopes to find origins of life on comet

After her ten-year voyage the Rosetta spacecraft is preparing to land today on the comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Scientists at Aarhus University can't wait to get their hands on the data from the mission. It may well tell the story of how life came to earth.

Norwegian satellite gets its orbital twin

AISSat-2 is a newcomer in space that will provide even better surveillance of maritime traffic in the High North.

Snake robot on Mars?

ESA wants its operations on other planets to have greater mobility and manoeuvrability. Researchers are looking into whether snake robots could be the answer.

New sensor protects astronauts against radiation

When NASA sets course for the International Space Station, Norwegian sensor technology will form part of the payload.

3D radar study of northern lights

The atmosphere is electric high above us. Now scientists want to see the stream of particles that make up the Aurora Borealis – in 3D.