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This is what we talk about when we talk about being drunk

Sex, barfing and stealing are among the most common themes when young Norwegians tell stories about their wild evenings on the town.

People are more generous to each other at festivals

Much of the festival experience doesn't really happen during the concerts, but between people themselves, in the tents, a festival researcher says.

Researcher recommends teachers talk to students about sexual abuse

New cases of child sexual abuse constantly crop up in the media. The topic has received greater attention both from the police and in politics. But classrooms remain quiet on the subject, a new study shows.

What happens to immigrant kids as adults?

Their performance is a bit weaker than that of other children in elementary school, and somewhat fewer students complete upper secondary school. Compared to their parents, the difference is considerable.

Who chooses to work past age 67?

Not only people with higher education choose to work longer. A recent research project on seniors in working life reveals several surprising findings.

Integration on hold in Norway: Immigrants face revocation of residence status

"People have felt on solid ground, and now they’re having the rug pulled out from under them," says researcher Jan-Paul Brekke.

Viking men were buried with cooking gear

What were gender roles like during Viking times? A Norwegian archaeologist thinks we often misinterpret the past based on our current cultural assumptions.

Should Norwegians have to wait to 63 at the earliest to retire?

Like most Western countries, Norway has a lower age limit at which a person can fully retire. That age is currently 62. But will upping this lower age limit be good for the Norwegian economy?

Alcohol’s role in the relationship between Sweden and Norway

Neighbouring countries often have interesting relationships— think France and Germany, or the USA and Canada. Norway and Sweden are no exception — especially when it comes to alcohol.

What the Swedes learned from the terrorist attack in Stockholm

Five people were killed and ten injured when a terrorist drove a truck into the crowd in central Stockholm on 7 April 2017.