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Smartphones can alert caregivers when seniors fall

A smartphone can be an aid for an elderly person who takes a tumble at home. It can capture the sound of the fall from up to five meters away and thus eliminates the need for elders to actually wear equipment or sensors.

Finding mushrooms with your mobile phone

Advanced image recognition can scan the forest floor looking for good mushroom locations. And it’s not just a fantasy, say two Norwegian NTNU students.

Smart help for elderly phone users

The elderly and the disabled may find that using a smartphone is difficult or incomprehensible. But one inventor found a solution to the problem.

New software allows for a personal touch to your favourite music

With a smartphone and your own body movements, music can be different each time you listen to it.

New robot will help scientists turn pee into electricity

Danish scientists have created a new member of staff: the robot EVOBOT. Among other things, EVOBOT will help scientists find out how pee can be turned into electricity.

Tailored fibromyalgia treatment using smartphones

Fibromyaligia patients became more active and less pain oriented after participating in a research programme involving a smartphone.