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Sleep disturbance

Snoring prevents the body from repairing damage to the pharynx

Snoring triggers a vicious cycle that can cause sleep apnoea and difficulty swallowing, according to Swedish research.

Children’s sleep and mental health are interrelated

Scientists have found a clear correlation between sleep problems and psychiatric problems in children.

Worrying about sleep will keep you awake

If you are afraid of not being able to sleep, insomnia may become more severe.

Light therapy to help brain-damaged patients

A new research project aims to study what therapeutic effects a special type of light that changes colour during the day has on patients with severe brain damage.

Morning light relieves anxiety

The right light in the morning can reduce anxiety responses in healthy people, new study shows.

Sleep-deprived teens more likely to be depressed

Lots of young Norwegians fail to get their recommended dose of shuteye. Adolescents with sleep problems are five times as likely to suffer depression as peers who sleep well.

Local languange self-therapy on the internet can help deal with insomnia

A psychologist says her countrymen need Norwegian language self-help programmes on the web to deal with insomnia.

The past can haunt you and trigger insomnia

Like the Ghost of Christmas Past, bad memories can be preventing a good night’s sleep.

Interrupted breathing during sleep more common than expected

One of six Norwegians aged 30 to 65 experience sleep apnoea. Could this be linked to psychological conditions?

Sleeping pills can double risk of traffic accidents

The risk of getting involved in a traffic accident is twice as high within a week after filling out a prescription for some of the most popular sleeping pills.