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New contraceptive pills double risk of blood clots

The so-called fourth-generation contraceptive pill doubles the risk of blood clots compared to second generation pills.

Bizarre penis shaved by scientists

The most terrifying penis in the animal kingdom has now been under the laser. Here, scientists found the answer to an evolutionary mystery.

Why Norway banned the purchase of sex

The demand for criminalisation of the purchase of sex gained momentum when Nigerian women began selling sex on Oslo's main street.

Different tactics in the battle against sex work and drugs

Neither sex work nor drug use can be stopped -- the best authorities can do is reduce or limit both practices. That's the conclusion of a new study which looked at contrasting approaches in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Victims of sex trafficking return home to great expectations

Nigerian women who sell sex on the streets of Europe are met with huge expectations from their families when they return to Africa.

To get laid, high school students harass each other

Sexual harassment is really about sexual competition, researchers argue in a new study. They also believe that many sexually active students get more attention than they want.

Insufficient measures against child pornography

International police actions against child pornography on the internet have not had the desired effect.

Nobody asks about sexual harassment

Several universities have removed the term “sexual harassment” from their guidelines and employee surveys. The reason: They cannot follow up the problem.

The women of hip-hop: sex bombs and villains

Scantily clad women dancing provocatively while guys grope are a familiar sight in many of today's rap videos. Hip-hop culture is not exactly a paragon of gender equality.

Let's use porn to change sexual behaviour

Research has shown a correlation between use of pornographic material and in-bed behaviour. By working together with the porn industry it might be possible to influence people in a good, health-promoting way, says Norwegian researcher.