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Prostate cancer is a test of manhood

The implications of prostate cancer get men thinking about what it means to be a man.

Prostitutes are abused in the hunt for criminals

The way the police treat prostitutes violates their rights, claims researcher.

Types of rapists revealed by kisses

The lack of kissing is one of the traits that separates serial rapists from single-victim rapists.

Selling sex solves problems for prostitutes

Women who sell sex on the streets do not perceive their sex trading as negatively as their surroundings do. They primarily regard their activities as an effective way of solving their financial problems.

Early puberty under scrutiny

Today’s children reach puberty one year earlier on average than only 15 years ago. Researchers are now sending questionnaires to 11-year-olds in search of a cause.

Mysterious illness clogs up the vagina

Vaginismus is a rare and frustrating disorder that makes it almost impossible for women to engage in vaginal penetration. A new book may help those affected.

Porn won’t ruin your sex life

We shouldn’t worry that porn affects young people’s sex lives, new study concludes.

Why exercise gets on your nerves

It’s not only the muscles that experience fatigue during exercise. It happens to our nerve cells too. New study uncovers the dual role of serotonin.

The soldier as sexual aggressor

Soldiers can degenerate into barbarians during times of war. A study of sexual violence committed during the Bosnian War reveals the mechanisms behind this behaviour.

A sex life with rape and pepper spray

Bed bugs have some rather special sexual habits involving rape and pepper spray.