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Are we overdoing aviation security?

Despite a seemingly low level of risk, we spend lots of time and money on screening air passengers and luggage in Norway. Has fear gained the upper hand?

Radar detects heartbeats

Advanced software sees heartbeats through the skin as well as enemies through walls.

Air safety and wake vortices

Researchers are working on monitoring vortices created by aircraft during take-off and landing. The objective is both to maintain the level of safety and to improve the capacity of airports.

Your household appliances can be hacked

The neighbour’s kid hacks your washing machine and terrorists switch off the power in your city. These are likely future scenarios with modern technology. But now a researcher has set out to combat this.

Oslo terrorism response: fine medical effort despite flaws

Emergency medical teams made significant efforts when they treated the victims of last year's terrorist attacks in Oslo. But there were flaws.

How to prepare for the unthinkable

The terrorist attack on Norway this summer and earlier assassinations of Swedish politicians were wake-up calls. The Nordic countries must acquire skills to handle new crises.