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schools and learning

Children with Down syndrome are often underestimated

Many children with Down syndrome understand a lot but aren’t able to express it. This can lead to fewer friends and long-term language deficits.

Underachieving boys, or clever girls?

Boys and girls perform differently at school, but researchers are uncertain whether this has to do with how they mature.

Risk of reading and writing difficulties can be identified early

Teachers can use certain markers to identify Year One pupils who are at risk of developing reading and writing difficulties, as soon as they start school.

Scribbling helps kids learn to read

Engaging 5-year-olds in scribbling and writing activities in kindergarten has a positive impact on reading skills.

Children do not automatically learn a second language

It is a myth that children develop a second language just by attending kindergarten. Preschool teachers must actively facilitate the learning process.

Geoscience goes down better without the jargon

A stone stemming from magma can be designated as igneous, but it could also be called spotted. A child might find learning geology as hard as a rock – given even a fraction of its formal terminology – or easy as pie if a few ordinary concepts are applied.

Faulty focus in school field trips

Fieldwork is supposed to help pupils learn to put their earth sciences theories into practice. Why then, do high school students struggle with practical tasks that primary school kids manage fine?

Weak students don’t benefit from excessive praise

Offering exaggerated praise to a child who has learning difficulties does not increase his or her motivation. False compliments can often be counterproductive.

Children bear the brunt of open-plan schools

Despite their poor compliance with criteria for good learning, open-plan schools account for many of the school buildings recently built in Norway's largest cities. Researcher calls it a paradox.

Swedish pupils fend for themselves

The joy of learning and kids’ inner motivation are not being given enough emphasis in Swedish compulsory elementary and secondary schools, according to a recent study.