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School and education

Children who walk to school concentrate better

Children who walk or cycle to school rather than being driven by their parents have an increased power of concentration, and the effect of this ‘exercise’ lasts all morning.

Young students want to improve the daily lives of the elderly

A school project found an answer to old people's needs: let teenagers take the elderly on exursions.

ADHD linked to language problems

Most children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have language impairments too. These kids struggle to express themselves and understand the content of conversations.

Money won’t buy freedom from social inheritance

Children of social security recipients go on the dole; children of high school teachers go to university. But giving more money to socially disadvantaged families is not the solution.

Computers: a turn-off for teachers

Pupils lose out on using computers in school because of banal obstacles - such as flat batteries and a lack of electrical sockets.

Here’s tomorrow’s science classroom

Scientists are testing a new teaching concept to rekindle shoolchildren’s interest in science.

“Many die from studying science”

When Solveig wanted to switch her major from English to natural science, the professor for the class was so distressed about getting yet another female student that he tried to scare her away. “It’s so difficult. There are many who die,” he said

Wanted: More of the idealistic physicists

Physics has a reputation for being for the stereotypical nerds. According to a science education researcher, this is unfortunate both for the field and for everyone who misses out on the fun of physics.

Public employees slow down school reform

Implementation of the latest school reform in Norway is sluggish in municipalities with many public employees. Firing some of them might speed things up.

Police learn how to shoot in cyberspace

The firearms training simulator, with a bit of personality and experience, can help police recruits learn how to handle critical situations.