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Locating shipwrecks along the Norwegian coast

Robotic subs are honing in on uncharted sea floor, searching for wrecks.

Gets stroke patients back on their feet

A robot is now being built to help stroke patients with training, motivation and walking

Robots will soon replace the tractor

Drone-like helicopters and field robots that can automatically detect weeds are only a couple of years away, say researchers.

Tomorrow’s super surgeon is a robot

Scientists have developed a mathematical method to guarantee the patient’s safety when the surgery is performed by a robot.

"Robot trading on stock exchanges needs to be regulated"

Lightning-fast share trading by stock trading robots is increasing strongly on the world's stock exchanges. Now it is time to consider the socio-economic costs of a millisecond.

Robot care: cold comfort?

It's furry and cosy, with big eyes and gentle whistles - miles away from the traditional perception of steel-clad imposing robots. Meet PARO, a fake seal but a real robot, with a mission to comfort the elderly in care homes.

iPad runs quick and flexible robot

Engineering students from Aalborg University have made a handy high-tech robot interactive, so it can be controlled by anyone using an iPad or pressing on the robot.