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ESOF 2014: Bridging the gap between science and society

In June 2014, Denmark will host an international conference to solve challenges of the future and discuss ethical dilemmas.

Holberg Prize awarded to Bruno Latour

The French sociologist, anthropologist and philosopher has won the 2013 Holberg International Memorial Prize, amounting to €610,000.

Stringent requirements for tomorrow's wheat varieties

Researchers around the world collaborate on mapping the genetic material of wheat. This will make it easier to develop new varieties with desired properties.

Icelandic men sing for country, camaraderie and self-therapy

Male voice choirs hold a special place in Icelandic culture. Singing is a vital part of everyday life and is about national identity, being with other men, and dealing with life's ups and downs.

Language designed for thinking

Language did not evolve to facilitate human communication; it developed as a tool for use in thinking.

Your brain has at least four different senses of location

You may even have as as many as ten. And each is different, according to new research from the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience in Norway.

Standard research fish lacks a standard diet

Zebrafish have been used as a research standard to help scientists expand our understanding of everything from skin cancers to cardiovascular disease.

Ten years of excellence

Generous, long-term financing of research centres has led to cutting-edge results in thirteen Norwegian Centres of Excellence.

Biologists often numbed by numbers

Biologists often find their analytical aptitude falls short of the mark when dealing with complicated data. It can mean that their research strays off target too.

Quantity outpaces quality in Norwegian research

Norwegian researchers publish increasingly more articles but their work is declining in quality and the country’s system for financing it deserves much of the blame, claims Norwegian professor.