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Record number of companies seeking tax deduction for innovation projects

The figures show that innovation activity among Norwegian companies is on the rise.

Raising Norwegian university rankings

Norway’s leading universities trail behind those of its Nordic neighbours in international rankings. But bigger budgets alone will not lift them up the charts.

New state-of-the-art research facility is being build in Scandinavia

Construction of the world's most advanced neutron scattering facility is finally to begin after ten years of preparation.

Norwegian research gets its Code of ethics

It is first and foremost meant to be advisory, but failure to comply with several of the guidelines may violate other laws and regulations.

Looking back on ESOF2014

This year’s European research conference ESOF is drawing to a close. asked three of the most prominent figures what they got out of the conference.

Share your research: the researcher's guide to captivating science communication

A new handbook on how to share your research from and

OPINION: Population studies need to be transparent

Researchers comment on the ScienceNordic article ‘Big EU obesity study is not representative’ and give their point of view.

Fewer willing to participate in surveys

The percentage of respondents to many important research surveys is dropping sharply. Social science researchers are concerned that survey samples can be skewed, which can compromise the validity of results.

Healthy people who hear voices help schizophrenics

Knowledge about what happens in the brains of healthy people who hear voices in their heads can help the schizophrenic.

International students happy with studies in Norway

Prices are high and sunny days are few, but quality education and research are the reasons why international students choose Norway as their study destination.