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Research policy

Economists: Too little transparency in research

At least 61 per cent of economic studies can be reproduced, but that is not enough, say economists.

Mapping social responsibility in science

Most scientists want their research to be valuable to society – they just disagree about the definition of what is valuable, new research reveals.

Can we avoid animal testing entirely?

Scientists are working flat out to find alternatives to animal testing. QSAR computer models are looking promising.

New food to speed up satiety in overweight people

Scandinavian scientists aim to find out how the structure of food is related to satiety. The objective is to develop new foods that can help overweight people as well as people who eat too little.

Scientists’ media role is changing

Scientists increasingly represent their research institution, not just their own work, when they appear in the media, and that is important to bear in mind, argues communication researcher.

Excessive funding for popular research creates science bubble

Research grants are increasingly being awarded to the same few popular research fields. This results in homogenised projects that rarely deliver what they promise. The phenomenon is similar to real estate bubbles, argue two Danish philosophers.

Bohr inspires debate on drones and space weapons

International scientists and decision-makers will gather in Copenhagen next month to discuss how dangerous technologies are to be shared in an ‘open world’.

Science editors: Open access has created an unhealthy system

Better access is good but open journals jumble the finances of academic publishing at the cost of science, argues the head of Danish science editors.

Promising results in bird flu vaccine trials

Danish researchers are working on a bird flu vaccine and expect to have it ready before new types of viruses start to spread from human to human – and not just in the way we’re seeing now, from birds to humans.

Three out of four Africans get their doctorates and go home

Most African doctoral candidates in Norway have to leave the country immediately after defending their dissertations.