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Research ethics

Sending Norwegian research ethics out into Europe

Norwegian guidelines for research ethics are unique and can be useful throughout the world, according to a Swedish expert on ethics. However, just having guidelines isn't enough; they must be used and discussed, say researchers.

Junk science and urban legends in academic journals

Weak or missing academic use of sources can lead people to mistake lies or rumours for scientific truth. This junk science can persist for decades, and can become an element of our general common knowledge.

Milena Penkowa – from famous to infamous

The story of Milena Penkowa involves large-scale research fraud, lies and embezzlement. However, the story also shows the importance of having adequate systems for revealing research misconduct.

Voicing concern that industry funding distorts academic research

Director of bioethics program urges researchers to look at how money from the industry influences their work.

Questioning the ethics in petroleum research

“Universities and research institutions should carry out a thorough review of their petroleum research activities,” says chair of ethics committee.

The fossil Ida – five years on

It’s been five years since the news of the fossil Ida was made public. What are the researcher’s thoughts about the media circus he initiated back then? And how did he deal with the anger he released in academic circles?

Breivik wants to be researched

The Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has contacted several researchers with a request to be interviewed. But they are hesitant about taking him up on his offer.

Women smell better than men

There are large differences between women’s and men’s sensory perception. But we still know too little about how differences between the sexes affect research results.

Terror victims will get research protection

Norwegian authorities want to minimise future trauma for victims of the massacre on 22 July last year by coordinating all research on the terrorist attacks through a national body.