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Research communication

How inspiring are science festivals?

Norwegian research might not corroborate any effect of science festivals, but the rectors of two prominent Norwegian universities are convinced that the Starmus Festival in Trondheim has inspired future scientists.

Meet an #ActualLivingScientist from the Nordics

Today is the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Meet some of the female scientists from around the Nordics who have taken to twitter to introduce themselves and their science to the world.

Scientists spread dubious number on debris in seas

Researchers have often said that ten percent of all the plastic manufactured ends up in the oceans. Where did they get that number?

Sea monsters on Svalbard in music video

A new video summarizes ten years of research and palaentological excavations.

Researchers are generally happy with the popular press

Nine out of ten researchers in Norway are satisfied with coverage of their work in the media. Nevertheless, many think that journalists are too likely to resort to sensationalism.

A boost for open access to research

The Research Council of Norway is introducing a new funding scheme to promote publication in open access journals.

Visualises controversial technology

A designer has come up with a way to visualise radio frequency identification (RFID), a technology that has raised concerns because of its potential to store personal information.

Swedish farmers have doubts about climatologists

Farmers rely more on their own experiences with changing weather than on climatologists who have no agricultural experience, according to Swedish research.

Complicated climate communication

Impact scenarios of climate change on Norwegian ecosystems are indefinite and convoluted, making dissemination to the general public difficult. How can scientists express themselves clearly and precisely?

Paleontologist makes music video to convey his research on the fossil Ida

He uses the occasion to let off a little steam that has been building up over the past five years.