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Why is so little plastic actually recycled?

A group of Danish and Swedish researchers have now tackled this exact question. Their answer? Money.

Recycling aluminium, one can at a time

Recycling is the best way to reduce that carbon footprint – but manufacturers and recycling companies will have to plan carefully to avoid problems with impurities that accumulate in recycled aluminium over time.

No more recycling blues

Many Norwegians help recycle by placing all their household plastic refuse in special blue plastic bags they get for free from their municipalities. In Romerike, a district on the outskirts of Oslo, smart new machines are making this individual effort obsolete.

Machines are better than people at sorting household trash

Novel technology makes it unnecessary to sort trash at home for recycling. But Norwegian authorities want us to keep doing it anyway.

Creating plastics packaging out of wood

A wood fibre only 100 nanometres thick might give us tomorrow’s plastic food packaging.