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More easily influenced when we follow our heart

When we let our hearts choose for us, we are more influenced by people who resemble ourselves.

Two-year limit for parental bliss

Our happiness and well-being increase when we have children – but only for a while. After two years, most of us are back at the same level of happiness we had before the kids came along.

Working in the line of fire

Far from being risk seekers, firefighters feel their work isn't particularly risky. But relations between team members are regarded as crucial.

Can repulsive photos make smokers quit?

Scary pictures of cancerous lungs and blackened teeth on cigarette packs have the desired effect, says researcher. They make people stop smoking.

Drug users in prison want treatment

Drug users are massively overrepresented in Norwegian prisons, but there are few drug treatment programmes.

Bullying weakens the body

Harassment, social isolation or intimidating abuse in the workplace is not only psychologically destructive – it’s also stressful physically. Symptoms are similar to posttraumatic stress.

In Hannibal's head

Ice cold, hard and emotionless. Such is the psychopath – we think. Until we get a glimpse behind the mask.

Believe in yourself and your skin might improve

New research reveals a link between skin health and how strongly we believe in ourselves and our abilities. People with low self-efficacy are more likely to be plagued by itches than people with high self-efficacy.

New method gets staff to discuss workplace bullying

It is difficult to research bullying between work colleagues because they simply will not talk about it. But researchers have now found a new and promising method that gets staff to discuss the problem.

Your fear reaction is lightning quick

If you are exposed to something you’re afraid of, such as a spider, you feel fearful in just a tenth of a second!