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Mindfulness helps against anxiety and depression

Mindfulness is the great buzz word in women’s magazines and self-development books. New research shows that mindfulness actually works, provided that it’s “done correctly”.

Why women want plastic surgery

Education, social status, mental health and childhood events are factors which can be used to predict which women consider cosmetic surgery.

Stress-coping strategies can save teens from becoming suicidal

A clear link between suicide attempts and task-oriented coping was found in a new study that followed suicidal and nonsuicidal teenagers into early adulthood.

Girls are given less ADHD medication

Boys are much more frequently prescribed drugs against ADHD than girls. As it’s often construed as a male malady, there could be a tendency to underdiagnose the disorder among girls.

Heart attacks strike the spouse too

The surviving spouse is worse afflicted when the husband or wife died from a heart attack, than if they died of other causes. The spouse suffers also when their partner survives the infarct.

Music therapy reveals parenting skills

A test for assessing parenting skills has been developed. It is based on music therapy and reveals some of the fundamental family patterns that are otherwise not visible to outsiders.

Blocking the voices in your head

An iPhone app developed in Norway is helping schizophrenia patients block the unwanted voices they hear in their heads.

More easily influenced when we follow our heart

When we let our hearts choose for us, we are more influenced by people who resemble ourselves.

Two-year limit for parental bliss

Our happiness and well-being increase when we have children – but only for a while. After two years, most of us are back at the same level of happiness we had before the kids came along.

Working in the line of fire

Far from being risk seekers, firefighters feel their work isn't particularly risky. But relations between team members are regarded as crucial.