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Hydrogen cars now one step closer

Scientists have taken a big step towards making environmentally-friendly hydrogen cars a reality.

Nitrous oxide is the new ozone enemy

Nitrous oxide affects both the ozone layer and global warming when it’s released into the atmosphere. Farmers and wastewater treatment plants are among those who send out gas, and now Danish scientists have set out to figure out how this works.

Proof: graphene can convert sunlight to electricity

Graphene has an excellent ability to convert solar radiation into energy. Now we can see how the material works and why it has the potential to massively boost the efficiency of solar cells.

Even little air pollution raises cancer risks

Air pollution, even in concentrations below EU limits, increases the risk of lung cancer.

Fungi and rust can stifle smell of slurry

New study shows how fungal spores and rust can help reduce the stench of slurry in biofilters, which help prevent harmful substances from being released into the atmosphere.

Sweeteners flow out into nature

Sweeteners from diet sodas are discharged into the wastewater from sewage treatment plants, and there are no limits to how much they can discharge. Researcher believes these substances might affect animal behaviour.

Road traffic pollution gives children asthma

But children in rural areas face other allergens that can trigger the disease.

Huge X-ray laser reveals new molecular state

Using a specially designed X-ray laser, researchers have managed to photograph what happens when molecules bind to or unbind from the surface of a catalyst. The findings may be an important step in the development of new forms of renewable energy.

Sedatives turn fish into unsociable gluttons

Drug residues in the waterways can have unexpected consequences for our ecosystems, say Swedish researchers after exposing perch to anti-anxiety drugs.

Short-term exposure to high concentrations of wood smoke has no long-term effect: study

New study suggests that inhaling dense wood smoke for a short duration does not trigger severe symptoms in otherwise healthy people.