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Fear of reprisals muzzles Swedish police

The consequences of working in a culture of fear can be serious.

Police are on the streets while criminals are online

Police students are still taught to catch thieves on the streets, even though crime for monetary gain has moved to the Internet.

Policing weekend drinking binges gets old for officers

Multiple variables play into whether you get arrested or not — among them a police officer’s temperament. Some are more patient than others.

Addicts in fear of mandatory rehab

Substance abusers whose lives are acutely at risk can be committed to compulsory rehabilitation treatment. Some become scared of, angry at, and sceptical of the health services.

Norwegian ban on buying sex affects immigrant women

The police are very hard on some groups, while they tolerate others. This means that prostitution politics in practice are selective, they primarily affect immigrant women. Do the police actually fight prostitution as such?

Laughter helps policemen cope with their work

The atmosphere is great, and the squad car is filled with jokes. It’s all necessary to handle a stressful kind of work, says a researcher.

Police escalate use of secret surveillance

Covert police operations including mobile phone surveillance and the use of confidential informants, undercover officers and infiltrators are gaining ground. But little research has been conducted to show whether these methods really work.

Older police officers struggle with proper arrest technique

The oldest police officers do not have the necessary skills when it comes to making physical arrests. They resort to using baton and pepper spray instead.

Easy to gag Russian regime critics

The powerful Russian political elite restricts freedom of speech by quasi-legal harassment. A typing error on a form can prevent an opposition politician from running for Office.

Prostitutes are abused in the hunt for criminals

The way the police treat prostitutes violates their rights, claims researcher.