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University of Bergen
Address: Postboks 7800, NO-5020 BERGEN
Phone: +47 55 58 00 00
24-hour security hotline: 55 58 80 81

The University of Bergen is a young, modern university. Most of its premises are concentrated in the heart of the city of Bergen. There are about 14,500 students enrolled, and 3,200 faculty and staff.   Six faculties cover most of the traditional university disciplines. Within the faculties are included 60 different specialised departments, centres and institutes.

International students are offered master-level and doctoral training at the University of Bergen.

The University of Bergen is constantly interacting with the international environment in order to expand its borders and to explore the world. It is heavily involved in international co-operation in research and education. The university has signed bilateral agreements with universities, research institutions and academic centres of excellence in all parts of the world.  UiB is also committed to co-operating with developing countries and has established programmes with universities in Third World Countries in the areas of health, poverty, and resource management. 

News from University of Bergen

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  • Looking for trauma in brain scans

    Researchers use brain scans to look at potential traumatic effects on the young people caught in Norway's 2011 terror attack.
  • Norwegian kids outgrow WHO scales

    Norwegian children are taller now than 30 years ago. But Norwegian researchers trust more in local standards than the growth standards suggested by the World Health Organization.
  • The oil curse

    Most of the world’s 20 largest oil-producing countries struggle with corruption and a lack of democracy. And oil plays an important – and unfortunate – part.
  • Africa's women rise on quotas

    In 2008 Rwanda became the first country in the world to fill its parliament with a majority of women. Now the rest of Africa follows in the landlocked country’s footsteps.
  • From voting to legal action

    Lawsuits are set to gain in importance over the ballot box as internationalisation gathers pace.
  • Answers to predict the next ice age

    Precipitations lead to the growth of ice caps at the beginning of the last ice age. Researchers have now found how this precipitation was formed. The results may help predict the next ice age.
  • The cleaners of the sea

    When we humans change the chemistry of the sea, it’s up to the very smallest organisms to clean up after us. The question is whether they can cope with it.
  • The people of the coast

    Well into the twentieth century, people from the islands outside of Bergen rowed by boat to town and sold fresh fish straight from their boats.
  • A waterworld of volcanoes

    In the Arctic Ocean, researchers have discovered a so far unknown world of volcanic activity underwater. They hope that this can become Norway’s new national park.
  • Poor sleep in the North Sea

    Night shift workers and daytime workers in the offshore oil industry report similar sleep problems after a two-week work period, according to a Norwegian study.

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