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UNIS is a share-holding company, owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. UNIS was established in 1993 to provide university level education in Arctic studies, to carry out high quality research, and to contribute to the development of Svalbard as an international research platform. UNIS’ geographical position gives it a unique advantage, enabling students and faculty to use nature as a laboratory, arena for observation and data collection.

News from UNIS The University Centre in Svalbard

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  • “Snowball Earth” mystery solved

    The deep freeze of the Earth some 650 million years ago was not total.
  • Blue mussels à la Svalbard on the menu?

    Back when the Vikings ruled, blue mussels had a natural habitat in Svalbard. They disappeared when the climate cooled, but today blue mussels have re-established themselves at 78 degrees North. The Svalbard blue mussel is thus a clear and present climate indicator of a warming Arctic.
  • Arctic species will survive less ice

    Some of the species in the Arctic have adapted to minimal ice cover in summer. The scientists call their hypothesis the “Nemo hypothesis”.
  • Mice on ice

    Never heard of glacier mice? Actually, they are small moss balls forming on glacier surfaces. New research shows that there is lots of life in these fluffy balls.
  • Arctic plants face an uncertain future

    A warmer climate will cause a substantial loss of habitat for most Arctic plants. Some species will cope, while others will experience an irrevocable loss of genetic diversity.

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