The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences has a national responsibility for research within sports sciences and has more than 70 ongoing PhD projects.

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences offers opportunities to study at the Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral level.

There are currently 1300 full-time and part-time students at NSSS.

The education is of high international quality and gives the students competence that is relevant for society and stimulates personal development. The requirements for admission to first year are a university admission certification or approved practical experience together with passing a physical examination. First year is the basis year and is common for all the Bachelor courses.

The School subsequently offers seven Bachelor courses with the following specializations:

  • Physical activity and health
  • Coaching
  • Sport management
  • Sport, individual and society
  • Physical education – teacher education
  • Outdoor recreation/nature
  • Sport biology

The courses can be continued at the Masters level where the students have a range of different study modules from which to choose.

The school’s 3-year PhD programme is a continuation from a Masters degree in sport science. Other relevant Master studies can in some cases be approved as a basis for admission to the programme.

About half of the students at NSSS are part-time students. The part-time courses consist of modules within outdoor education, physical education, fitness and  sport management and shooting. A series of short courses and seminars are also arranged, often in association with other research environments or with sports foundations or sporting organizations.

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