Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

With 50 years of experience, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) is Norway’s leading independent centre for research and information on international political and economic issues, and on areas of central relevance to Norwegian foreign policy.

NUPI was established by the Norwegian Parliament in 1959. The institute is organised as a state body under the Ministry of Education and Research, but operates as an independent, non-political instance in all its professional activities.

NUPI undertakes long-term basic research as well as short-term applied research and advisory services. Central to all NUPI’s work is interdisciplinary collaboration, both within the institute and with other institutes and bodies in Norway and abroad.

Some key figures:

  • a total of 66 person-years, of which 41,8 from researchers and 5,6 from student research scholars
  • approximately 75 staff members and student research scholars
  • turnover: NOK 72 mill.
  • 45 internal publications (as various NUPI series)
  • 63 articles in journals with referee, 29 international journals
  • approximately 90 seminars and conferences arranged per year
  • 101 publication points

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