Norwegian centre for E-health research

Norwegian Health Authorities have identified a common objective for the health sector over the next few years: the creation of a health service where the patient is at the centre. The health sector needs to invest significant amounts of money in ICT to develop the envisioned patient-centred health service. To ensure that these funds are used to the greatest public benefit and in the most effective way, there is a need for knowledge to support policy making and strategic work on e-health.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research was created 1st January 2016, with the objective of contributing to a common national ICT solution for health and care services. The new research and assessment centre will collect, produce and communicate knowledge required by the authorities to develop a knowledge-based policy on e-health.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will work with the Norwegian Directorate of E-health and other stakeholders to find the best e-health solutions for the sector.

News from Norwegian centre for E-health research

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