Nofima The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research

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Muninbakken 9-13, Breivika
P.O.Box 6122
NO-9291 Tromsø
Telephone +47 77 62 90 00
Fax +47 77 62 91 00

Nofima is a business oriented research institute working in research and development for the aquaculture, fisheries and food industry in Norway.

They carry out research at an international level and develop solutions which can give a competitive edge throughout the value chain.

Nofima was established on 1 January 2008, and has about 470 employees. The main office is located in Tromsø, and the research divisions are located in Averøy, Bergen, Sunndalsøra, Stavanger, Tromsø and Ås.

News from Nofima The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research

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  • Tracing fish can be profitable

    Seafood companies can profit from introducing more traceability in their production. But not all companies realize that they gain from tracing more than the law instructs.
  • Searching for a better corn

    Norwegian farmers have shifted their production toward more wholesome and robust corn varieties – an important contribution to public health.
  • The ambiguity of sustainable seafood

    Norwegian companies who sell seafood to Europe have to deal with many different ecolabels and requirements.
  • Eradicating the spores

    Spore-forming bacteria are one of the greatest microbial challenges to food safety in ready meals, and a single heat treatment at 70–80° C can in fact stimulate the growth of certain bacteria. But could a double heat treatment of ready meals increase the safety?

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