NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water Research

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is an environmental research organisation committed to research, monitoring, assessment and studies on freshwater, coastal and marine environments in addition to environmental technology. Our key areas of work include environmental contaminants, biodiversity and climate related issues.

NIVAs broad scope of scientific competence, research expertise and long-term environmental data series are important to Norwegian business and industry, public administration on municipal, regional and national levels; and our initiatives help promote Norway's interests in international fora.

NIVA has extensive experience in international research cooperation with international assignments accounting for about 20% of our turnover.

NIVA employees have professional backgrounds in a broad spectrum of disciplines including chemistry, biology, limnology, geology, hydrology, environmental technology, ecotoxicology, oceanography, geography, resource management and environmental economics.

Innovation and business development are a strategic growth sector for NIVA with the revenue from such innovation funding research and contributing to the creation of value in society.

NIVA has over 200 employees. Two-thirds of which have backgrounds in water sciences and over half work in research.

NIVA has several wholly or partly owned subsidiaries.

CIENS cooperation
NIVA is a member of the Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research (CIENS), which is a strategic research collaboration among independent research institutes and the University of Oslo.

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