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NTNU is the second largest of the eight universities in Norway, and has the main national responsibility for higher education in engineering and technology. In addition to engineering and the natural and physical sciences, the university offers advanced degrees in other academic disciplines ranging from the social sciences, the arts and humanities, teacher education, medicine, architecture and fine art.

NTNU has seven faculties with a total of 53 departments and has 20,000 students. publishes up-to-date research news from NTNU.

News from Gemini, NTNU Trondheim - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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  • Growing bones from seaweed

    Artificial hips would not be quite so artificial, if researchers succeed in developing living bone mass.
  • Smarter prostheses using iPhone technology

    Simple, cheap microtechnology paves the way for a new generation of prostheses.
  • Religious beliefs battle hypertension

    Churchgoers have lower blood pressure. So is it healthy to believe in God?
  • From poison to palatable

    Every night millions of people go to bed hungry. New genetic technology can help us feed the world by making inedible seeds more edible.
  • Feed your genes

    The genes have spoken: your dinner plate should be divided into three, and you should eat six times a day.
  • Gene therapy for ears

    Gene therapy may someday in the future replace the use of implants in deaf people. The carrier for this gene medicine may be derived from shrimp shells.
  • The brain’s zoom button

    Everybody knows how to zoom in and out on an online map, to get the level of resolution you need to get you where you want to go. Now researchers have discovered a key mechanism that can act like a zoom button in the brain, by controlling the resolution of the brain’s internal maps.

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